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alan@radiologyphysics.com  Certified Radiation Protection Advisor interested in small clinics (human and veterinary), industrial "one offs", and special problems; UK & Ireland technical sales representative for FONAR open MRI systems

www.fonar.com wide open, high field MRI systems including "stand-up" MRI for weightbearing and postural studies, and the OR360 interventional MRI system with virtually unrestricted access to the patient

www.radiationconsultancyservices.co.uk deal with hospitals, transport, security, industrial and medical radionuclides, and laser protection

www.landauer.u-net.com supply radiation monitoring badges suitable for veterinary practice





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Recommended products

BAT x-ray/light beam alignment test tool 200 + VAT inc UK postage

Processor test film 15  inc VAT and UK postage per pack of 10 (size 18 x 24 cm) with instructions and a reference strip.

Contact alan@radiologyphysics.com


Dental film processor test strips from Medivance Ltd are available at www.velopex.com . Same principle as the ones from Quality Associates but suitable for intraoral-size processors.




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